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Delyramus final event in Zaragoza
Delyramus final event in Zaragoza 1024 473 delyramus

Summary of the final Delyramus event in Zaragoza.

Organised by the Fundación Rey Ardid and the Escuela de Violería de Zaragoza (coordinating entities and partners of the project respectively), the first part of the event was organised with the invaluable collaboration of Casa Ganaderos, where each entity and collaborators were able to show the work carried out over the years.

In the afternoon, the large audience was able to enjoy a talk-concert at the headquarters of the School of Violería where we had, among others, the special performance of the musician Miguel Alcantud.

You can see here the video summary.

Alice in Wonderland, Psicoballet Maite León
Alice in Wonderland, Psicoballet Maite León 1024 640 delyramus

Creation project with students from AMAFE entity based on images and universes from the book “Alice in Wonderland, peformed in the Fundación Psico Ballet Maite León”

See the video here

“Among Composers” workshop that brings together students with special needs and professional musicians
“Among Composers” workshop that brings together students with special needs and professional musicians 1024 640 delyramus

Interview with Hannah Slater, creator of the “Among Composers” workshop that brings together students with special needs and professional musicians to compose music. The initiative was held at the School of Creative Music, in the fall of 2022.

See the video here

End event of ProjectDelyramus II
End event of ProjectDelyramus II 150 150 delyramus

The Delyramus II: Delyramus et Laboramus project is the result of two years of work promoted by the Ramón Rey Ardid Foundation in collaboration with the Zaragoza Violería School, together with the ADM Estrela Association (Portugal), the Fondazione di Comunità del Centro Storico di Napoli (Italy) and the Rey Juan Carlos University (Spain). This consortium found synergies to design joint actions around ancient music and the traditions of violeros that arose in the heart of the city of Zaragoza in the 14th century but soon spread throughout the rest of Spain and Europe. In these two years, a continuation of a previous project financed by Creative Europe, both entities have worked to disseminate early music through the recovery of heritage and traditional violería techniques, promoting employability through non-profit education. formal, with the active participation of people with and without disabilities.
animation history of violence

The general objective of the project is the inclusion of adults with and without disabilities through art and creative expression. The project seeks to work across the stigma, isolation, social exclusion and the difficulty of access to the cultural and artistic world through empowerment, training, the creation of participatory spaces.
During the project period (March 2021-February 2023) the following activities have been carried out:
• Definition of the pedagogical framework
• Development of a training module with DesignThinking methodology for the elaboration of early music instrument strings with lamb guts.
• Development of a training module for the construction of ancient music instruments and the interpretation of organological sources.
• Development of a training module on traditional and contemporary music and performance.
• Evaluation and validation of the quality of the project activities and preparation and validation of the training program.
• Dissemination of the project through 3 events in Portugal, Italy and Spain (exhibitions, concerts, seminars on adult education).
• Unification of the different digital platforms created in the previous projects in a single web page

1 Publication “Cultural heritage and social inclusion. Pedagogical framework and guide for self-assessment of teaching strategies”
2. Construction of 6 vihuelas de mano at the Violería School in Zaragoza
3. Video about Aragonese Violence
4. Performances and audiovisual montages:
• ADM Estrela Guarda, Portugal:

• Community Foundation of the Historical Center of Naples

5. Fundación Rey Ardid cordery workshop (making strings for ancient music instruments with lamb guts)

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Libertação 853 412 delyramus

You can now see the documentary Libertação that was made in Guarda with the users of ADM Estrela in the workshop given by Tiago Sami Pereira within the Delyramus II project

DELIRIUM Napoli 1024 576 delyramus

The Delyramus a Laboramus performance shown during the project  Multiplier Event held in Naples featured the workshop participants in the vocal tracking of some pieces supported by instruments of Neapolitan popular music Troccola, Triccheballacche, Castagnelle Tamburrello Neapolitan etc.).

A moment of ensemble music in which the teacher/music therapist Gianluca Guarino took on the role of artistic guide.

This performance had a final choral moment in which DELIRIUM was played: a musical instrument created during the workshops by the students, composed of wood and rubber bands to make the rope effect amplify the results of the sound.

You can see it here

Fundación Psico Ballet Maite León
Fundación Psico Ballet Maite León 1024 724 delyramus

The Fundación Psico Ballet Maite León participates in the Delyramus project with the organization of a performing arts community workshop. The Foundation dedicates itself since 1980 to the social and labour integration of people with disabilities in the artistic field, has its own Inclusive Art School in Madrid, and maintains four contemporary dance theatre companies.

Through the workshop people at risk of social exclusion work on improving self-esteem, proprioception, teamwork, and motivation. In addition, the project includes the promotion of employment of people at risk of social exclusion, with the participation of a teacher with disabilities.

The workshop will be held from September to December 2022 and in January the final rehearsals will take place, ending with an exhibition open to the public on a stage in Madrid.

As stated by the Foundation, “The performing arts are a magnificent tool for social transformation both for society, which transforms its view of groups at risk of social exclusion, and for the participants themselves, who change their attitude, their way of working and cooperation, improving their self-esteem and self-perception”.

Neurological music therapist Hannah Slater will organize the community creative exchange workshop “Entre Compositores”
Neurological music therapist Hannah Slater will organize the community creative exchange workshop “Entre Compositores” 1024 683 delyramus

Neurological music therapist Hannah Slater will organize the community creative exchange workshop “Entre Compositores” within the context of the Delyramus project. Hannah Slater studied piano and music therapy at the Berklee College of Music (Boston, USA) where she received various recognitions for her public service work and was finalist in a composition competition.  She went on to practice music therapy at the ground-breaking clinic Neurologic Music Therapy Services of Arizona and has been collaborating with Musica para el Autismo since 2015. Through participation in the workshop, people with disabilities will be guided in composing different forms of music while collaborating with professional musicians.  This will cultivate the artistic potential of people with functional diversity and highlight their powerful contribution to cultural evolution. Additionally, caregivers, family and friends will be invited to workshops on the therapeutic use of music to increase the independence and quality of life of their loved ones. Starting in September, Hannah Slater will bring together the participants and professional musicians/composers once a week to develop a spoken word and digital instrumental track, an acoustic soundscape, and an improvisational piece, all of which will be performed in a final concert open to the public. Through their experiences, the participants will increase their self-esteem, sense of identity, and interpersonal connections. They will also showcase their creative capacities and transmit their messages to the community.


Li.ber.ta.ção Guarda
Li.ber.ta.ção Guarda 1024 576 delyramus

The “Art and Inclusion” event of the Delyramus_et_Laboramus project took place at the Municipal Theater of the Portuguese city of Guarda on June 4, 2022. The program began with a talk at the Cafe-Concerto with various guests from the cultural and social sectors, who spoke about the mutual benefits of the work of artistic and cultural production with audiences with diversity.

In the evening, the performance “Li.ber.ta.ção” was presented in the Small Auditorium of the Theater, starring users with mental diversity from the CACI-ADM Estrela (center for activity and inclusion) and with artistic direction by the musician Tiago Sami Pereira. This performance is the result of the workshops developed at the Theater, and was composed of several theatrical and musical performance frames imagined to take advantage of the individual preferences of each of the participating users.

You can watch the video here


Javier Martínez presents his novel about the luthier Mateo Arratia at the Teruel Museum
Javier Martínez presents his novel about the luthier Mateo Arratia at the Teruel Museum 791 1024 delyramus

Diario de Teruel, CULTURA

“Violeros build joy, because the musical instrument is its best vehicle”

Today, Thursday, he will appear in the assembly hall of the Teruel Museum from 7:00 p.m., where Mateo Arratia will present. The viol player who confessed to the trees (Sibirana Ediciones). It is a historical novel that deals with the figure of an exciting character who cried out to be fictionalized, one of the most important instrument makers in 16th century Spain and whose dissipated life led him to be judged by the Holy Inquisition. A book, moreover, where ancient music and the history of the violería is the protagonist, from the deepest scientific knowledge.

Read the full news here