Li.ber.ta.ção Guarda

Li.ber.ta.ção Guarda 1024 576 delyramus

The “Art and Inclusion” event of the Delyramus_et_Laboramus project took place at the Municipal Theater of the Portuguese city of Guarda on June 4, 2022. The program began with a talk at the Cafe-Concerto with various guests from the cultural and social sectors, who spoke about the mutual benefits of the work of artistic and cultural production with audiences with diversity.

In the evening, the performance “Li.ber.ta.ção” was presented in the Small Auditorium of the Theater, starring users with mental diversity from the CACI-ADM Estrela (center for activity and inclusion) and with artistic direction by the musician Tiago Sami Pereira. This performance is the result of the workshops developed at the Theater, and was composed of several theatrical and musical performance frames imagined to take advantage of the individual preferences of each of the participating users.

You can watch the video here