End event of ProjectDelyramus II

End event of ProjectDelyramus II 150 150 delyramus

The Delyramus II: Delyramus et Laboramus project is the result of two years of work promoted by the Ramón Rey Ardid Foundation in collaboration with the Zaragoza Violería School, together with the ADM Estrela Association (Portugal), the Fondazione di Comunità del Centro Storico di Napoli (Italy) and the Rey Juan Carlos University (Spain). This consortium found synergies to design joint actions around ancient music and the traditions of violeros that arose in the heart of the city of Zaragoza in the 14th century but soon spread throughout the rest of Spain and Europe. In these two years, a continuation of a previous project financed by Creative Europe, both entities have worked to disseminate early music through the recovery of heritage and traditional violería techniques, promoting employability through non-profit education. formal, with the active participation of people with and without disabilities.
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The general objective of the project is the inclusion of adults with and without disabilities through art and creative expression. The project seeks to work across the stigma, isolation, social exclusion and the difficulty of access to the cultural and artistic world through empowerment, training, the creation of participatory spaces.
During the project period (March 2021-February 2023) the following activities have been carried out:
• Definition of the pedagogical framework
• Development of a training module with DesignThinking methodology for the elaboration of early music instrument strings with lamb guts.
• Development of a training module for the construction of ancient music instruments and the interpretation of organological sources.
• Development of a training module on traditional and contemporary music and performance.
• Evaluation and validation of the quality of the project activities and preparation and validation of the training program.
• Dissemination of the project through 3 events in Portugal, Italy and Spain (exhibitions, concerts, seminars on adult education).
• Unification of the different digital platforms created in the previous projects in a single web page delyramus.eu

1 Publication “Cultural heritage and social inclusion. Pedagogical framework and guide for self-assessment of teaching strategies”
2. Construction of 6 vihuelas de mano at the Violería School in Zaragoza
3. Video about Aragonese Violence
4. Performances and audiovisual montages:
• ADM Estrela Guarda, Portugal:

• Community Foundation of the Historical Center of Naples

5. Fundación Rey Ardid cordery workshop (making strings for ancient music instruments with lamb guts)

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