The Rey Juan Carlos University

The Rey Juan Carlos University is the most modern public university in Spain. Located in Madrid, it comprises five physical campuses and a large virtual campus. Since its foundation in 1996 this university has stood out among Madrid’s public universities for its dynamic and vigorous character, committed to the progress of society; a progress based on an excellent and quality educational system.

It currently includes more than 43.000 students and has a staff of 2.100 persons. URJC emphasises international cooperation activities both in and outside of Europe, with more than 3.500 foreign students in the campuses of Madrid, around 1.750 URJC exchange students abroad, and numerous joint teach and/or research activities, which include Erasmus exchanges and joint research projects with the other partners, Virtual Campus, and many international programs. The wide range of undergraduate degrees, many MA and PhD programmes, the prestigious university centres and research institutes, the scientific and educational potential along with the superb infrastructures and capacity for innovation, all contribute to an academic environment that has made and continues to make the URJC an outstanding university.

 The URJC is an institution dedicated to serve the public, with a meaningful motto related to the spirit that guides its work: “not new, but with a new way of doing things”: an institution undoubtedly committed to its community, the professional world, society and culture, an institution, to sum up, which is modern, creative and open-ended. The URJC considers its students to be its principal objective and, for this reason and with its European vocation in mind, it has taken the decision to adapt its studies to the creation of the European Higher Education Area. Is firmly committed to all-round education and to quality teaching and research in order to prepare skilled and professionally qualified men and women and, last but not least, men and women who have gained an understanding of the values of freedom, justice, equality and pluralism, capable and prepared for life to face the challenges of the future.