Community Foundation of the Historic Center of Naples

The Fondazione di Comunità del Centro Storico di Napoli (Community Foundation of the Historic Center of Naples) was born on 8 March 2010 with the aim of promoting the culture of gift, in a different and new logic of the common good that sees the local community as an active and participant presence in the processes of change and development.

In doing this, the Foundation undertakes to:

  • Make donation not a sacrifice but an opportunity to affirm one’s own humanity: and therefore through communication, meetings, creating a widespread culture of gift as a tool to influence the development of a community.
  • Create the conditions for donors to fully understand and experience the benefits they have brought to their community: the gift culture will only be strengthened if donors “see” the end of their gesture and will receive benefits even if indirect.
  • Guarantee donors all the benefits, from fiscal to image. Some laws allow benefits from donations, information and culture must also be developed in this sense, as well as the establishment of dedicated nominative funds to generate specific activities.
    From some of the initiatives promoted and supported in recent years, extraordinary numbers emerge:

    • 1 Free medical practice opened in 2015 thanks to our support by the Courts, which provides more than 3,000 free visits a year.
    • 2 editions of our tender promoted in collaboration with the newspaper “Il Mattino”, for a total of 105 projects received; the winner of the first edition, the association San Camillo Onlus, thanks to our contribution, has been able to guarantee 80 children from disadvantaged families activities of a sporting and cultural nature.
    • 2 Strategic planning networks created and facilitated by the Foundation: The Network “Je Sto Vicino a te” for adolescence, participated by 10 associations/Cooperatives and 2 schools of the Historical Center; the Forcella Network which brings together about 15 subjects among associations, cooperatives, schools, parishes and merchants in the district.
    • 430 associations, social cooperatives, organizations of the territory with which we are in contact;
    • 100 children, mainly from disadvantaged families, who, thanks to our funding to the association “Assogioca”, have been able to enjoy fun activities and school recovery.
    • 50, on the other hand, the children to whom the contribution of the Community Foundation allowed to participate in educational workshops created by the parents of the students of the “Foscolo-Oberdan” Institute, set up in the “Un Uovo Mondo” association.
    • 100 children from the Montesanto district to whom the Scalzabanda project is aimed at creating a path of social integration through collective musical practice; from that same project, thanks also to our contribution, a neighborhood band was born that brings musical concerts on stage and in the square.
    • 5 scholarships awarded to 5 worthy young people thanks to the Rita De Santo Alfano Fund set up in our Foundation; 3 of the participants in 2017 have obtained a three-year or specialized degree thanks to the support provided to them for full coverage of university costs.
    • 16 young people taking part in the first edition of FRECCIAZZURRA, a project promoted by our Foundation in collaboration with Rossopomodoro, I-Bar Academy and Ministry of Justice.
    • The initiative allowed free training and work start-up for young people in the Food & Beverage sector.

1 Call, “Together, a Community Welfare”, started by our Foundation in November 2017 and was born with the aim of involving the greatest number of subjects present in the territory in the experimentation of concrete activities in 3 specific areas (Culture – Welfare – Entrepreneurship Social), from a generative point.