ADM Estrela – Social Association and Development

ADM Estrela – Associação Social e Desenvolvimento is a Private Institution of Social Solidarity of Portugal, headquartered in the village of Vale de Estrela, Guarda municipality. Founded in December 1989, it has since developed decentralized intervention in several areas and in several parts of Portugal, mainly in the border region: Guarda, Pinhel, Castelo Branco and Manteigas. In addition to these regions, it develops community intervention projects in Lisbon.
As defined in its statutes, it aims at “social solidarity, promotion and development of charitable social activities, social and community inclusion, equal opportunities for men and women, health, education, training and further training”.
ADM Estrela’s mission is to “contribute to the social development of the population, in a global, integrated and inclusive way”, through its Vision of “Sustainability in management, optimization of activity and growth.” To this it combines the following eight areas of interventions that are interrelated and cross-cutting:

  • Childhood and Youth
  • Childhood and Specialized Youth
  • Elderly Person
  • Adults with Disabilities
  • Education, Professional Training and Social Entrepreneurship
  • Family, Community and Social Intervention
  • International Cooperation and Development
  • Pedagogical Farm and the Relationship with the Environment

In these areas of action, social support services are offered to the family, the youth and people with disabilities, promoting the protection of citizens in old age or with disability, promotion of cultural, sports and community activities, promotion of gender equality, education and training professional development of youth and adults, development of activities of an agricultural and social base, creation and management of equipment for the reception of the elderly, children in danger of exclusion, people with disabilities.

In its transversal action, ADM Estrela provides support and works with a universe of close to 500 users, through its 90 employees, in several points of Portugal. International cooperation, through financed projects and support measures, is an opportunity for the expansion of knowledge and skills that ADM Estrela has been able to enjoy in the course of its history.