Sistema Lupo “learning by doing”.

Sistema Lupo “learning by doing”. 1024 768 delyramus

The High Performance Research Group CINTER of the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC) has worked over the last year on various educational transfer projects which aims to make the heritage of the Community of Madrid and the heritage of the Royal Sites known through their historical-artistic legacy. These activities have been financed, among others, by the UCC + i of the URJC, with the aids for the promotion of scientific and technological culture, and innovation from the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT). The Yehudi Menuhin Spain Foundation and the Lupo System have collaborated in these activities.


Sistema Lupo is a game of building blocks of different sizes created by the architect Fermín Blanco. His philosophy is based on “learning by doing”. Thanks to this system, it has been possible to recreate historical buildings such as La Casita del Príncipe del Pardo, a menina from a Velázquez’s painting or historical musical instruments of a string quartet. These workshops and sessions dealt with various subjects, going from from theory to practice, always taking into account the inclusion and access to heritage of the smallest and most vulnerable groups. Many of these activities have been carried out, in fact, with people with intellectual and physical disabilities at the Centro Educativo y Ocupacional Virgen de Lourdes de la Fundación Promiva.


From September 2021, it is expected to be able to continue with these projects in schools in the Community of Madrid.