Delyramus in Huesca

Delyramus in Huesca 1024 768 delyramus

On April 6, the Delyramus exhibition was inaugurated at the  Cultural Space of Fundación Cai de Huesca, the result of the watercolor, acrylic and collage workshops held during 2018 and 2019 in Zaragoza and Guarda of the project.

The Councilor for Culture of the Huesca City Council, Ramón Lasaosa, as well as the Territorial Delegate of the Fundación Rey Ardid  in Huesca, Julián Loriz, as well as the Technical Advisor for Mental Health, Ramón Nadal, the director and person in charge of the project, Marigel Pinilla, approached there. and the person in charge of the art workshops Noemí López.

El Diario del Alto Aragón also echoed the news on the opening day and the following day on the front page and full inside page.

The exhibition will remain until April 29 in this room located at Coso Alto, 11 1st floor of Huesca.