XXIV edition of the IMPROVISA – SALAMANCA Summer Course in PALENCIA

XXIV edition of the IMPROVISA – SALAMANCA Summer Course in PALENCIA 1024 577 delyramus

Between July 22 and 28, 2019, the XXIV edition of the IMPROVISA – SALAMANCA Summer Course in PALENCIA, organized by the Institute of Musical Education E. Molina (IEM) and Enclave Creativa editions, took place in Palencia. On this occasion they had the collaboration of the Professional Conservatory of Music of Palencia, where the training sessions were held, and of the Rey Juan Carlos University through the DELYRAMUS project: Music, Luthiers and Mental Health, within the Call for Support to European cooperation projects, 2018, Creative Europe (EACEA / 32/2017).

In this Summer Course through the IEM Methodology, based on improvisation, theoretical and practical learning is combined for different levels and instruments and much of the work is based on tonal music models: Baroque, classical, romantic and jazz and related; but also through the incorporation of models of impressionism, neo-modalities and contemporary trends. In this Course, as in the set of activities of the IEM, an attempt was made to promote and strengthen a pedagogical system for learning and teaching music based on the integral development of creativity and imagination, and on improvisation understood as control of musical language

As a complement to this training every afternoon and evening there were activities and concerts in different areas of the city, designed not only as a continuation of learning but as a means of bringing music to new audiences, which linked to one of the objectives of the Delyramus project.

For the follow-up of the activities carried out, on July 26 a series of coordination meetings were held between the members of the URJC team and the directors of the Summer course.