MIRIAM Method Accessibility to URJC Museums

MIRIAM Method Accessibility to URJC Museums 925 649 delyramus

Universal accessibility and design for all people stands as one of the main means favoring the active participation and equal opportunities of all the diversity of citizens. To do this, it focuses its activity on the search for design solutions so that everyone can use the spaces, products and services in their environment, while participating in the construction of society. Therefore, it is clear to focus attention on universal accessibility which is an effective approach to reverse exclusion and discrimination (both direct and indirect) and increase equal opportunities in a sustainable and positive way.

Within the activities of the Delyramus project we have created this INSTRUMENTAL METHOD FOR COLLECTING INFORMATION ON ACCESSIBILITY IN MUSEUMS: MIRIAM. A methodological tool that allows the collection of essential information to understand the aspects that the Museum must contemplate in order to adequately meet the precise accessibility parameters so that anyone can access and enjoy it, while comparing the data collected with the real situation, allowing to obtain a real-time perspective of the installation.

Check here the accessibility manual