Creative workshops in Naples

Creative workshops in Naples 1024 718 delyramus

The work of the two Neapolitan day centers continues. L’Aquilone and Canone Inverso are involved with the Community Foundation of the Historical Center of Naples in Delyramus, a project promoted by our Foundation under the “EUROPA CREATIVA” Program. As many as 4 different laboratories have been activated, involving 15 beneficiaries with intellectual discomforts:

  1. Sensory laboratory;
  2. artistic reproduction laboratory starting from paintings representing medieval string instruments;
  3. theatrical, dance and musical re-elaboration laboratory of the paintings representing medieval instruments;
  4. multisensory instrument construction laboratory.

Just in these days, the guys of the day center L’Aquilone have been developing, based on a drawing by Javier Martinez of Zaragoza Ass. Escuela de Violeros, the miniature model of the multisensory musical instrument.