Celebration of the final Delyramus event in Zaragoza

Celebration of the final Delyramus event in Zaragoza 1024 768 delyramus

Celebration of the final Delyramus event in Zaragoza
On November 16, coinciding with the 250th anniversary of the birth of Beethoven, and despite the limited capacity due to covid-19 in the city, the final Delyramus event was held in Zaragoza, thanks to the transfer of the Espacio cultural IberCaja Actur and theMuseo Zaragoza
To open the event, the Deputy Mayor Sara Fernández and the head of culture from the Elena de Marta City Council were present.
Javier Martínez and Marigel Pinilla showed the products made in the last phase of the project and Aragónuniversidad echoed the news.
Later, 2 concerts were held at the Zaragoza Museum in front of the paintings:

Santa Cecilia de Jusepe Martinez

Adoración de los Reyes Magos de Rolán de Moys

These pieces were performed by the trio formed by Pilar Almalé, Luis Miguel Bajén and Carlos Gonzalvo and the duo of the brothers Miguel and Carlos Bonal.
The entire session was captured by the audiovisual artist Yago de Mateo, who is making the audiovisual of the entire project.

The event was broadcast live on Instagram for members from outside the city of Zaragoza who could not attend due to the limitation of movement, as well as the rest of the public who, due to the limited capacity, could not attend in person.