Plastic arts

The different disciplines such as sculpture, painting, modelling, collage … offered by the Plastic Arts worked within a perspective or line of Outsider Art (where the important thing is the creative process and not the result) produces great benefits in the population in general, which increases qualitatively and quantitatively in groups at risk of social exclusion and / or with some disability as a space and means of expression, often where the word is not enough. The non-aesthetic demand and self-judgment disappear, giving rise to creative freedom and to deposit in the work wishes, dreams, fears, discomforts …

According to the WHO, the Arts can positively influence health and healthcare settings, noting that artistic activities can be used to complement or improve treatment protocols.

The plastic arts have among other benefits:

  • Improve the ability to concentrate and communicate.
  • Exercise the brain.
  • Improve mental health.
  • Improve motor skills.
  • Allow the expression of emotions without the use of verbal communication.

Paint to feeling good

The visual arts provide the possibility of connecting with colors, forms and these are in close relationship with the affective universe. From Sapame we propose this experience to incorporate it into our routine to generate a space of expression…

Arte de tú a tú

“Arte de tú a tú” wants to eliminate labels. We do not want it to be called Outsider Art -art made by people with mental illnesses, marginal or outside of society-, simply what we develop will be ART. It is not a tutorial or a project of a teacher with a pupil. It is a collaboration between artists…