Land Art is a current of contemporary art that uses materials and the natural landscape as a basis for its creations, it seeks to take out art from museums and conventional cultural circuits / spaces. Most Land Art works are provisional or left to the mercy of the natural elements like the rain, the erosion, the wind or any change in the surroundings. The purpose of the Land Art is the indissoluble connection between the work of art and the landscape in which it is placed. The Land art gives an enormous value to the constructive process of the work in front of the final result, giving value to both processes. The artist carries out the recording of the work through photography and video, tools that he uses to immortalize and take his creation to museums, works that would otherwise disappear forever.

The benefits of Land Art

  • Awakening and developing the imagination and creativity, enhancing our sensitivity through reflection and analysis of the visual world that surrounds us.
  • To increase visual perception and manual dexterity
  • Interpretation and valuation of one’s own creations and other people’s creations with a critical and respectful attitude, in order to continue advancing motivated.\r\n\r\n
  • To feel curious to discover and reinterpret elements of our natural surroundings.
  • To raise awareness of habits and responsible uses of resources and recycling materials. To explore the artistic capacities of objects and materials of the nearby natural landscape, knowing the new possibilities presented to us and their expressive properties.

‘A Whisper in the Landscape’

The exhibition ‘A Whisper in the Landscape’, inaugurated on August 29, 2018, has been an intervention of six areas of the Portico space of the Aragonese Institute of Contemporary Art and Cultures Pablo Serrano, guided by the artist Nacho Arantegui for approximately two years…

Land art experiences

Land Art Spain is a project whose objectives include the inclusion of young people with functional diversity through art and creative expression. The objective is to work on stigma, isolation, social exclusion and difficulty accessing the cultural and artistic world through sensitization…